Top 3 Best Box Mods November 2017


Box mods (aka vape mods) are designed to offer the ultimate vaping experience. This is thanks to their extended battery life, power, and amazing customizability. Over the past few years, they have evolved at an exceptional pace. In addition, they have become the most preferred vaping devices in the market today. Vape mods are larger than vape pens as well as most tube mods. They have an array of additional features: variable voltage, wattage, and temperature setting.

On this page, we will be listing the best box mods on the market!





1. Vapor 2 Trinity

V2 is known for high-quality vapes. Now, they have really raised the bar with the all-new Trinity Vape Mods, the most powerful device in their collection. Pretty quickly, it has become a huge hit because of its size, durability, battery life and cutting-edge technology.

With the right settings and technique, it’s hard to beat this vape mod when it comes to blowing huge plumes of vapor from a very tiny device, and with added benefits of vaping in temperature control mode, it’s our #1 choice.

What’s more, you can use Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium coils in temperature control mode, for ultimate customization. It has a long battery life so you can enjoy extended vape sessions.

For the best price on this vape mod starter kit, check the link below. It’ll take you directly to the manufacturer’s website.



2.  Halo Reactor Mega

Halo’s been on the vaping market for years. They are one of the best-known companies in the industry and just recently have introduced some of the best vape mods one the market: Reactor Series.

The most powerful vape mod starter kit they offer is Reactor Mega Starter Kit, featuring 5000 mAh battery, that fires between 1 and 80 W.

It is very well-built, features Temperature Control modeadjustable power settings and smart mode that is able to remember up to 10 different tanks you’ve used.

The included vape tank holds 5 ml of your vape juice and has sub-ohm coil head.

This is one of the best vape mod starter kits on the market today. Another cool thing about this vape mod is that it’s available in 5 different colors. Click the link below to go to the official website and buy one today!



3. MigVapor Neo Box Mod

Not everyone wants to spend time and energy figuring out the setting vape mods offer.

For those of you looking for the hassle-free vaping experience, MigVapor’s latest Neo Vape might just be the one!

It features 4500 mAh and 100W battery, that automatically adjusts to the type of tank connected, for $59.95 you will also receive Neo sub-ohm tank (with .2 and .4 coils), so you can start vaping right away!

Neo mod has only one button, which makes it super easy to operate and reduces chances of something going wrong.



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