Tartz Eliquid Review

Tartz Eliquid Review

An Unbiased Tartz Eliquid Review by Brandon Penalacia

Today we will be reviewing the TaRTZ eliquid line (@TARTZELIQUID on Instagram) from Air Factory in grape and strawberry. This an honest and non-sponsored Tartz Eliquid Review. 

Both varieties come in 0,3, and 6 mg nicotine options and are 70%VG/30%PG, packaged in a durable and easy to carry 100ML Chubby Gorilla bottle. Upon opening both bottles, it is apparent that Air Factory does not spare with the flavor as the candy grape and candy strawberry smell overwhelms the senses. The tart and sweet candy flavors in both are perfect for an all day vape and surprisingly won’t gunk up the coils in your tank as most overly sweet eliquids tend to.

Tartz Eliquid Review

The grape TaRTZ combines the perfect blend and balance of tart and fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. The grape used is a candy flavored grape and not natural grape. If you are a fan of Runtz or sweet tarts, this is a must buy.

Tartz Eliquid Review

The strawberry TaRTZ is similar to the grape TaRtZ in that is a tart candy flavored strawberry eliquid, not natural strawberry flavor. This flavor is perfect for the candy lovers who want their fix but without the extra coils. This eliquid also takes it easy on your coils lifespan.

Tartz Eliquid ReviewTartz Eliquid Review

In closing, both flavors are an excellent choice for fruit and/or candy lovers and both provide huge clouds due to the higher percentage of VG. Both eliquids are made with the highest quality ingredients and are presented nicely with colorful labels and well-constructed bottles. For a premium eliquid, both flavors can be found at very reasonable prices online, making this an excellent choice for the vapers out there that want premium flavor on a house brand budget.

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Tartz Eliquid

$5.00 and up

Amount of Flavor


Creates Big Clouds


Throat Hit


Coil Build Up


Affordable Price


Written by Brandon Penalacia

I am an alternative lifestyle blogger in the USA. I enjoy vaping as a hobby and lifestyle. My other writings and interests are video games and horror movies. Also, I am looking to collaborate with diverse brands so contact me to collaborate. I hope that what I write and share online can help or amuse you.

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