Opera Browser Lets You Apply Dark Mode to Web Page

Google has recently been aggressively introducing dark mode to all of its services. Now, it’s Opera’s turn to launch the dark mode function to its platform. Android’s Dark Mode has become popular, ever since Google released this feature on Android 10. As a result, several applications have implemented a similar feature on its platform. The Opera browser doesn’t seem to want to miss the Android-style Dark Mode.

This feature injects its own changes to the CSS to turn the white background black, not just reduce the white brightness. This way of working is similar to what Chrome does.

In addition, users will be able to choose a more traditional red light overlay, dark mode scheduling, set an automatic timer, and also dim the on-screen keyboard.
The Opera browser for Android smartphones now also presents Dark Mode in the latest version of the application. What are the benefits?

This latest version of Opera has the ability to turn all webpages or web pages dark. That is, web pages now do not need to be designed for dark mode. Yes, the latest version of Opera has an Android Dark Mode which can turn it dark. Basically, web pages still need a white background. Through some CSS changes, the web page turned dark.

Previously, the Chrome browser also featured a Dark Mode feature even though it was only for iOS 13. The update brings the ability to add new credits directly to Chrome from the settings page.

The Dark Mode feature, which displays a dark black background, is indeed useful for OLED devices. This feature turns off all pixels, making the device’s battery more efficient.

Apart from saving battery power, Dark Mode also improves the ability to focus on text. This has been proven via research in the journal The Impact of Web Page-Background Color Combinations on Readability.