Apple Watch Series 5 is the Best One Yet By Consumer

Along with the launch of the iPhone 11, Apple is also taking the opportunity to present the Apple Watch Series 5 as their newest wearable device to replace the Watch Series 4. The newest feature that was highlighted when the Apple Watch Series 5 was introduced was its screen which has an “always on” mode. In the two previous series, the user had to raise or move their hand towards the eye so that the screen display turned on automatically. Then what are the differences between the three series of smartwatches from Apple? Let’s look at the following explanation together.

When it was first introduced, the Apple Watch used three different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and special materials such as gold which came in two sizes (38mm and 42mm). In Series 3 they experimented with releasing ceramic models, but the use of this material was stopped in Series 4. This ceramic model was again used in Series 5 together with titanium material choices.

As for the dimensions, the Series 5 is identical to the Series 4, because that’s why Apple decided to stop the Series 4 model. Series 3 itself only has two size variations, 38mm and 42mm, while the Series 5 has more variants with the presence of 40mm and 44mm sizes. Case and strap variations are also present in Series 5. Previously, Series 3 had a Nike + aluminum Space Gray case variant with Anthracite strap and Black Nike Sport Band. In the Series 5, in addition to the standard model, Apple also presents three aluminum color choices and nine Sport Bands. There is also a choice of stainless steel cases (three color choices) and strap options ranging from the Sport Loop, Milanese Loop, and the Leather Loop.

Series 5 is also still collaborating with Nike + with an aluminum case. Apart from Nike +, the Watch Series also collaborates with Hermes on a stainless steel model in two color variants.

Apple Watch Series 3 is about 11.4mm thick with a solid case body. The physical button is a Digital Crown and other buttons on the right side as well as a speaker and microphone on the left side. The difference between the GPS and Cellular models is the red accent on the Digital Crown. The heart rate monitor is located on the underside along with a button for removing the strap. The screen uses a second-generation Retina OLED which is brighter than the Series 1. Meanwhile, the Watch Series 4 and 5 have a similar configuration.

The screen uses LTPO OLED with a more rounded body corner. A larger screen ratio makes the Series 4 and 5 look different from the Series 3 even though they are more or less the same in design. The Digital Crown on the Series 4 and 5 has a built-in electrical heart rate sensor which is in addition to the optical underbody heart rate sensor. Another addition to the Watch Series 5 that Series 3 and 4 don’t have is the Always-On Retina feature. Users do not need to raise their arms to turn on the screen because the screen can still be seen. The motion sensor will only affect the screen brightness level.

These three series use different processor chips. Series 3 uses a dual core processor called W2, while Series 4 and 5 use a W3 processor. Apple says the W3 processor is twice as fast as the W2. In addition, all three series use the same hardware, starting from a barometric altimeter, integrated GPS, and optical heart rate sensors. However, Series 4 and 5 come with more advanced updates. The ECG (electrocardiogram) feature allows users to perform ECG medical tests in the form of recording heart rate and rhythm using an electric heart rate sensor. Then what’s the difference between Series 4 and 5? Apple Watch Series 5 features an integrated compass and international emergency calls.

On Watch Series 4 and Series 5 there will be additional features such as the ECG mentioned above and the fall detection feature. Apple Watch Series 5 comes with the latest technology which is quite significant in terms of experience or features. In addition, this product also has more models, from the materials used to collaborations with other well-known brands.